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I recently ran a viral giveaway with some incredible results!

I did this for a local firearms manufacturer near Austin Texas appropriately called Texas-Ar.

They were launching a new budget-friendly line of rifles and ran a promo price starting with the base model at $399 and an upgraded model for $499.

And like most small businesses they needed to start selling yesterday.

They already had an e-commerce store set up so all we had to do was get some decent images of the product, photoshop them a bit, upload the details and we were ready to sell.

But where are we going to get the traffic to sell a few hundred of these bad boys with a small audience and ZERO ad spend?

If you didn’t know Facebook and Google don’t like guns so you cannot advertise with them.

So I pitched them the idea of a viral giveaway.

We decided to give one of the rifles away valued at $399.

I quickly went to work setting up all the proper social media imagery and copy as well as a landing page to capture customer information from those that wanted to enter the giveaway.

To enter we required,




State: *needed this because we can’t ship this gun to certain states.

I think we would have had more entries without the phone number but we actually wanted real entries and not a bunch of BS.

So after creating the landing page, we had to start spreading the word by sharing it everywhere.

As we started to share it on the companies Facebook page, Instagram, and email list of about 1,000 I realized we need a video for this!

I did this because Facebook gives a lot more social juice to videos that get good engagement over photos.

But here is the huge kicker that made all the difference and ultimately made this campaign successful.

I didn’t include a link in the text of the video.

Now you might be thinking why wouldn’t you have a link and then how the hell do they enter the giveaway?

I did this because you lose that valuable facebook juice with external links to non-authoritative websites.

Problem: This company was already red-flagged because it is firearm related and isn’t exactly what I would call authoritative.


I used an extremely valuable piece of chatbot software called MSGhero.

What this does for you is it will auto Facebook message someone based on a keyword they comment.

I simply asked them to comment on the video “sign me up” to enter.

Here is the actual video so you can see the results first hand.

Then the chatbot would auto message anyone that commented this simple sequence.

Now, this has multiple benefits.

  1. We don’t lose any FB juice because we are direct messaging the link
  2. You are now gaining a subscriber to your chatbot list. Now you can mass message everyone at any time. This is so powerful!
  3. This gives you open communication to your customers for questions and support.
  4. It’s unique. Chances are no one has experienced this.

Ok so by now a customer has viewed the video, commented on it, received a message and clicked the link to the landing page.

If it ended there it would just be a giveaway.

But, this is a viral giveaway! We used an amazing tool called VYPER that you can find right HERE.

Once a customer has entered they are sent to a confirmation page that tells them how many entries they have earned.

Now they have the option of gaining more entries by completing tasks and getting others to join!

This is what makes it spread like wildfire!

Here’s how we awarded more entries.

1 for entering

+1 for confirming your email.

+2 for liking us on FB

+2 for Instagram

+2 for YouTube subscribe

+5 for someone signing up from your share link.

And these shown below.

So simply we reward them with more chances to win the gun for interacting with our social media channels and sharing with their friends and Vyper handles everything for you. 

Now combine all of this with daily email updates, as well as daily chat bot notifications and you have a winning recipe.


All in all here are the results from running this viral giveaway.

We did $43,343.33 in online sales in a little over 2 weeks! This was a 2,000% increase in revenue!


Here are some insights from their Facebook page during the giveaway.

Contest Entries and Emails Collected.

They started with 240 Instagram followers and now have over 700!

Youtube subscribers went from 90 to 585 subscribers.

And to top it off the customers had an extremely positive experience. Check out what the customers thought below.

Please drop me a coment below if you have any questions!

If you would like me to run a viral giveaway campaign for your company please Contact Me.