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Often when working with a web developer they will need access to your domain names or website hosting.

Instead of giving them your password to your account you can give them access to your domains and hosting by them logging into their own account.

Here is how you do that in 5 quick steps.

1. login to

2. If you see the home page then Click on your name in the top right corner then when a menu drops down click the green button “Visit My Account”.

3. From the My Account page, on the top left click the drop-down “Account Settings” and then select  “Delegate Access”.

4. Now click on Grant Access. Enter their name and the email associated with their Godaddy Account. Select which options you want them to have access to. The only difference is whether or not they can make purchases on your behalf.

5. Click Invite. Godaddy will send them an email invite that they can accept and have access to your account. There is a time limit to the email invite so make sure they click the email ASAP.