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Lead Carrot is a new software that scrapes and collects business data.

While there are many tools that do this, Lead Carrot is fast, efficient, inexpensive and gives WAYYYYY more data than any other tool I have used.

Not only does it give you the business name, phone, email, and address, it pulls all the social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and even tells you how many stars they are rated on Yelp.

You can use this to put together lists for your sales teams, to gather a list of cold emails, set up retargeting advertising campaigns and with some creativity the use cases are almost limitless.

Watch the video above as I pull a few hundred leads in a matter of minutes.

If you want to get super efficient with this then train up a virtual assistant to do this for you and compile it into one big list.

Current pricing is only $47 a month.

Here is a demo of it from Ross Christifulli the founder.

Let me know how you plan on using it in the comments below.

Other software for comparison.

I have used find that lead for a while now and it does work but it is much more complicated.

I scored a lifetime deal a while ago from Appsumo so I have 2000 credits a month.

They have a free plan so you can test it out for up to 150 credits.

Then pricing jumps to $29 a month for 1500 credits, $89 for 9000 credits and so on.

In my opinion, Lead Carrot is a better deal and a better product even in its beta stage.

Happy Scraping!


Here is a newer video showing of some 3.0 features.