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GoDaddy vs Pressable

Honestly, there is no comparison between these 2 hosts. GoDaddy is a behemoth company and you as a client are just another number.

Godaddy’s support will always answer the phone but rarely will they help you actually fix the problem, they just divert you to some shitty documentation.

Pressable’s Support will actually do whatever you need to be done to fix the problem, and they usually do it within 10 minutes.

Pressable hosting is slightly more expensive than GoDaddy’s basic plans but it is totally worth it. I have never had a website compromised in 3 years of working with them, yet I still battle with godaddy sites being hacked. (Some silly clients won’t change…)

If you do choose to go with Pressable, which I would 1000% do that over Godaddy, Grab a coupon code here and save 15%.