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February, 2024

Pressable Coupon Codes for January 2020.

I’m super excited that my favorite hosting provider’s is offering some Pressable discount coupon codes.

I have personally used them for over 2 years and have at least 30 websites with them.

I really think that they have the best value for WordPress hosting. Their plans start at about $25 a month for up to 5 websites and shared 60,000 pageviews. (which means 60,000 between the 5 sites.)

For $5 a month per site, this is really solid hosting. I have never had any of my sites get hacked and the downtime has been very minimal.

Here is How You Save 15% on your Hosting with this Pressable Coupon.

  1. Click this special link that takes you to Pressables referral program. You will see a screen that looks just like the image below.Pressable Coupon code Save 15%off Hosting
  2. Then copy the coupon code they give you.
  3. Click on the Shop Now Button.
  4. Pick your plan. (The starter plan is the best value)
  5. Checkout and enter the coupon code on the right-hand side where it says “Have A Coupon”. Click Apply.

    Where to enter your pressable coupon code

    Where to enter your pressable coupon code

  6. Enjoy your savings!

**Also note that you will save even more (2 months worth) if you select an annual plan**

Have any questions about this hosting or Pressable Discount Codes? Then leave a comment below!

Visit this Link to claim 15% off your hosting. Click here for Pressable Coupon Code.

More Cool Reasons to Try Pressable.

Website Migration
Did you know that Pressable will even Migrate your websites over for you?
I have had them do this for me many times when I was busy or running around and couldn’t do it my self.

Super convenient and they usually get it done usually the same day or within 24hrs.

You will have to give them access to the website and FTP so they can transfer all the website files over, but don’t worry, they make the entire process super simple!

Free Jetpack Subscription (With Backups!)
If you have used WordPress for any length of time you have probably heard of Jetpack. It’s a sweet plugin that comes with a huge list of features but most only use the free version.

The most important feature you get is Automated Security Scans for Malware and Automated Fixes. You also get daily backups, priority support, and a bunch of other goodies.

The Premium plan would normally cost you $9 a month or $99 a year and you get it 100% free with your hosting plan!

Free SSL Certificate
If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate by now then you must be sleeping under a rock. This is a must-have for obvious security reasons and it will help with your websites SEO. It comes free with this hosting.

24/7 Support
There support system is mainly done over live chat or support tickets. Most of the team is based in San Antonio Texas and everyone I have spoken with has been extremely knowledgeable about wordpress and helped my solve whatever issues I had in less than 10 min. You can find Pressables Support Information and Downtime Reports here. 

Content Delivery Network or CDN 

Another freebie that will help make your website faster with their global CDN. This works by storing your website’s files at strategic locations around the world. So when someone accesses your website the files are delivered from the closest location to the user, thus speeding up the delivery of data. A great feature that will delight your users and help with SEO.

Staging Website

Another really cool thing about Pressable’s hosting is the staging website feature. What this does is it gives you a staging URL while you are building your website so you can work on it in real time without the domain being live to the world. For example, the staging URL would be something like Then you would build out the website like you normally would and then you can take this website live with the click of 1 button. Yup, it’s that easy. Just point the domain to pressable and click take my website live.

Website Cloning (MY FAVORITE FEATURE!!!!!****)
This feature changed the way I build websites. The reason is that I have a “template” website set up with all my favorite plugins, themes and default settings, and all I have to do is click the Clone Button to duplicate my template website and be ready to start designing! This saves me a ridiculous amount of time so that is why I saved the best for last!

So what are you waiting for? Go get a discount on the best WordPress Hosting ever!