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Ford released the new Ford Bronco recently and I love it!

I currently have a 2001 4runner that I love but it does have about 250k miles on it and it is really starting to show its age.

So I am pretty excited for the new bronco to be coming out in about 1 year and I decided to challenge myself to build out a website(s) that will make enough income to buy one!

The Bronco will cost about $40-50K so my plan is to save all the money I can generate from the site or sites I create over the next year as a down payment and the monthly revenue will cover the payment.

I will need to generate about $1,000 a month.

I am going to test out a few different options for generating that income. First is an affiliate website. I scored the domain and have already started pumping out articles just to get some traffic going.

Next, I want to test doing some rank and rent websites. I will update this as I do that!