A Practical Guide to Leading, Innovating and Energizing Your People, a 55,000 word, narrative, business leadership book.


Collaboration, Innovation, and More.

Collaboration is the most vital skill of our time, the least understood, and the hardest to do. Lack of collaboration is the cause of 85% of workplace failures. Everyone knows the problem but no one has the solution.

We do.

We have cracked the code of collaboration. Our work will help you grow personally and professionally.

The world is changing. Work is changing. Attitudes are changing. The bottom line is that on every level, you need to collaborate to compete.


Every industry, even those that are thriving, have been hit hard by global events. People are anxious, depressed, and tired. People care about how they spend their time, especially millennials and centennials. They want leadership and project work that inspires them, working with people they like, respect and trust.

CEOs are nervous. They know something has to change in how they do business. If they pick up the latest leadership book, it will have a one line solution—be more compassionate, be a connector, be more vulnerable, develop grit, and on. These books are inspiring and wonderful to read but few specifically solve workplace issues or teach you how to.


Additionally, there is conflict everywhere—in homes, at work, in the news—everyone is addressing where it is coming from, but no one is addressing how to move beyond it. This book gives the tools to do that and help everyone find the solutions together.

Authentic Collaboration develops the key internal attributes for success in the workplace and in collaboration, that anyone can learn, then gives a tactical roadmap on how to set up a team for success and deal with all the problems on the way. Now is not a time for academics to posit solutions. The most useful advice is from the inside and that’s where we’ve been at The Walt Disney Company and other Fortune 500 companies.

We also know that of all the skills required in the workforce, collaboration is statistically the hardest for people to learn and apply yet is the most needed today, especially in creative and technology companies, non-profits, and government.




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85% of respondents consider that the primary reason for failed projects and workplace failures in general, is an overall lack of collaboration and poor communication.

~ Salesforce


“Authentic Collaboration is the book leaders, teams, and workers have been searching for and the first leadership book you should read. The tried and tested process of Authentic Collaboration solves a host of challenges from on-boarding, engagement, talent development, unity, problem-solving, innovation, community building, and more.  Full of creative insights and practical techniques that you can apply today, and grow every day, Cerrone and van Luinen with their Disney and Fortune 500 experiences have delivered a playbook for leading a new generation into the next generation.”

Ram Charan

New York Times Bestselling Author