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It is our goal to help you with your pest problem. If you are not 100% satisfied with our work please contact us ASAP.

What People Are Saying

Beth L

Local Resident

“My name is Beth and I asked Randy Johnson if I could write this letter for him because I have never had a more trustworthy and dedicated professional come into my home. I met Randy by chance after placing numerous calls to pest control agencies the day I found bedbugs in my home. I was overwhelmed by the thought of the pests in our bedrooms and I desired to take action immediately. Randy called me back right away and said he would come over that very day. I felt vulnerable as I knew nothing about ridding the pests. Anyone could have come into our home, given us a sales pitch and taken advantage of our desperateness. But Randy was not just anyone. Randy did an inspection and gave us treatment options. He listened to my concerns and assured me that he would take care of the issue, and take care of us. As he set up his heat equipment he took time to show us he had placed thermometers throughout the rooms. He also showed us his computer which was monitoring the temperatures. Randy worked tirelessly for hours to treat the affected areas. I have come to learn that Randy is one of the best in his field. He has won customer service awards at a previous job (three times), he does public housing inspections and is a pro with heat and natural treatments. Randy has checked in since leaving our home to make sure we are alright, especially our child. That has given us great peace of mind. Randy was so incredibly impressive that I felt compelled to reach out to others who find themselves overwhelmed and vulnerable after finding bugs in their homes. Randy Is honest, smart and has integrity. His sincere aim is to help his customer. In the vast world of professionals, he exceeds all others. He is a rare find. The world would be a better place if we had more professionals like him.”


Minneapolis, MN

“I was introduced to Randy by my Registered Nurse Sandy, who heard he does an excellent job working with disabled people to get rid of pest issues.

I called Randy and he responded quickly. He always informed me of my options, what to expect, and what the treatment would entail.

Randy was always prompt, courteous and made sure I was happy with the service he provided. He was there for me and rid me of a year-long bed bug infestation. What other people had tried and failed at, he was able to eliminate. Today, he continues to follow up with me.
am pleased and proud to say I was his first customer. It is my pleasure to write this review. I highly recommend him!”


Minneapolis, MN

“I met Randy, the owner of ThermalPro, when an apartment in a building I manage was heavily infested with roaches.

A few colleagues of mine had used his services and recommended him to me.

He was very courteous and knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to ensure that we were satisfied with the service we received and the outcome.

Randy is a true professional. He is transparent in his work ethic and follows through until the job is complete. I highly recommend him for all of your pest control needs.”

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